Thursday, October 4, 2012

Two as One


What kind of fate is it to somehow meet you like this ?
It's strange that the more I see you , the faster my heart beats .
Is this love ? I've grown so fond of you .
Are you aware of these feelings of mine ?

If the weather is good ,
I want to walk down the street holding your hand
If it rains ,
I want to be your umbrella
It's the first time having this excited feeling .
Should I say it ?
Should I confess these feelings of mine?
I don't want any tears anymore
I really don't want to live with a broken heart
I will love you now 
I really like you . 
I love you .

When the sunlight quietly enters through the window for a morning call
I want to hear your voice hovering around my ears
This trembling heart is going pit-a-pat
Shall I confess these feelings of mine today ?

I love you . I love you . I love you . I love you .
Being a bright light to me living in the darkness
I wish that person would be you

I love you . I'll love only you
I will cherish these feelings of mine forever
I'd also like to look at only you
The two of us are like one
I love you . 
I love you .
I love you . 
I love you. 


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