Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just loving you

232 days
5568 hours
334080 minutes
20044800 seconds

Knowing you 
Loving you
Heart you

I smile because of you 
I laugh because of you
I jealous because of you
I mad because of you 
I cried because of you
I faithful because of you

You teach me how to do everything that I never do .
You were the great person that I never know

I remember this date 09082011
Our love start from that second
I think my world just light up & never turn off

Don't know how to explain about my felling about him 
It just hard to tell other about our love story 
No one will understand us 
Just god the one who always listen to our pray

07082011 until 25032012

I will remember all our memories & I never forget

p/s: cinta aku terhadap kau tak pernah berubah . tapi aku akan teruskan hidup aku .

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